“Gina is the bookkeeper for people who “keep meaning to get organized” but find the piles daunting. I can now see the top of my desk. My accounts are balanced. My taxes were filed on time. Now instead of saying, “I’ll get around to it” I can say “It’s getting done.”


Candace Hathaway
President, Hathaway Associates Inc.

“Gina has been handling our bookkeeping since 2006 and has been doing a fabulous job. I don’t know what I’d do without her assistance. I have found her to be professional, thorough, conscientious, and very reliable. She also has a great sense of humor!I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring her for their bookkeeping services.”


June Dotson
Owner, D’Vision

“American Precision Dicing (APD) is a small company that sells semiconductor services to engineers on a worldwide basis. We have twenty people and we deal with start-ups to global conglomerates. A significant number of our customers are based outside of the US. We have been using Gina’s services since 2010. She does reconciliations, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, sales commissions and a plethora of government forms. She has made our transition to an online accounts payable system and a commissions software very successful. During that time she has been extremely reliable and productive. Over the years our bookkeeping processes have been developed in a haphazard manner. She has not only learned them but she has improved them. Her learning curve has been very fast, her ability to communicate is excellent and her sense of humor perfectly fits our particular office culture. Her efforts have freed us up to do the things that we do well. I can honestly say that I believe hiring her has actually saved us money.”


Paul Moran
President, American Precision Dicing, Inc.

“Gina Woodman has been my bookkeeper since 2007 and I highly recommend her services. I am thrilled to finally have my books handled on a regular basis. I have found Gina to be very easy to work with – she’s very professional and detail-oriented. She often actually saves my money by finding vendor and bank errors, and keeping on top of pricing from our various service providers.”


Jeff Eagle
President, EagleVision Inc.

Gina is a fabulous bookkeeper whose work gives us peace of mind that our books are done correctly. She is reliable, fast, responsive and a pleasure to work with. She set our 3 businesses up with Xero and has tutored us to the point where we can take care of daily tasks on our own. When we are too busy to take care of things or have questions she jumps in to take care of whatever we need. We highly recommend her!

Thomas Kuoh,

Owner, Thomas Kuoh Photography

I have benefitted from Gina Woodman’s bookkeeping services since 2009. She has accurately kept track of the financial records for my business that provides information, services, and resources to the homeschool community worldwide.


Gina works independently and reliably without direct oversight.  Here are some of the things she has done for me:


•             Tracking income & expenses from online website sales, merchant accounts, PayPal, etc.

•             Tracking income from Google Ads, Amazon.com Ads, and book sales and royalties through Amazon and Kindle.

•             Tracking income & expenses for live events including workshops, conferences, and seminars plus tracking book and products sales from these events.

•             Tracking sales from teleconferences and teleseminars.

•             Filing California Sales Tax Returns

•             Filing 1099s for our Virtual Team, including marketing assistants and webmaster services.

•             Reviewing Profit & Loss statements with an eye toward determining the most profitable products and services.

•             Providing yearly financial statements for filing tax returns.


Gina is honest, punctual, flexible, and trustworthy. Plus, Gina has a positive outlook, cheerful demeanor, and great communication skills. (She also loves my two kitties, the resident mascots at my home office.)



Diane Flynn Keith

Editor, http://www.Homefires.com

Author, http://www.Carschooling.com

Founder, http://www.UniversalPreschool.com

Founder, http://www.ClickSchooling.com

Author, http://www.PapasPearls.com

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